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  • What do the different customer types mean?
    The two customer types, record company and independent buyer, indicate to Graft Beats whether the customer is buying a licence on behalf of a record company or, independently, for themselves. This is important information as it determines the licencing terms, which differ slightly depending on the customer type.
  • What are the licencing options?
    The licencing options tell you what you will receive when you pay for a licence: - MP3 Licence - you'll receive an .mp3 file of the beat (£19.99). - Wav Licence - you'll receive an .mp3 and a .wav file of the beat (£39.99) - a .wav file provides better quality audio than an .mp3 file. - Stems Licence - you'll receive .mp3 and .wav files as well as stems of the beat (£99.99). Stems are separate audio files of each separate element of the beat ie. kick, snare, hi-hat, synth etc. See the question 'Why I would want a stems / separated tracks?' below to learn more.
  • Why would I want stems / separated tracks?
    The Stems Licence will provide you with 'stems' of the beat ie. separated elements of the beat - kick, snare, hi-hat, synth etc. That is, you'll receive the kick drum as one file, the snare drum as the next, the hi-hat as another and so on. This is beneficial when mixing all the sounds together along with the vocal to ensure a voice sits just right between all the other elements in the track.
  • How do I buy a licence from you?
    Go to the beat store, select what type of customer you are and select the beat/s you like and the licencing option you want. At checkout, enter your email address (the beat and specific licence agreement will be sent here) and billing address then pay using debit or credit card or Apple Pay.
  • How will I receive the beat?
    When you go through the payment process you will be asked to enter your email address (we won't use this for any other reason than sending you the beat and the specific licence agreement). If the file size is small enough, the beat will be sent directly to your email address. If the file size is larger (eg. when you are receiving stems / separated tracks), the file will be sent to your email address via WeTransfer.

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